In essence we live in a world of harmful chemicals, from flame retardants on our cough and other upholstery items to  PFAS's BPA an many more here a quick list and preventions of this harmful chemicals
   Flame Retardants : Found in old sofas with crumbling foam, California revised its flammability standard in 2014 - upholstery Products without Flame Retardants  Wood Glue : Also know as Formaldehyde also found on laminate floors - 60 mins report about that Chinese Laminated Flooring PFASs : also know as perflurinated chemicals commonly found on sofas carpets pizza boxes, microwade popcorn bags and waterproof clothing .more about Harmful Chemcals BPA: Platic reduce the used of plastic containers, or choose brands solid in BPA-free cans learn more about What's BPA and Do I really need a bottle Water? Pesticides : Found in all fruit or vegetables also around your home, eat more organic food and say no to harmful chemicals used by Exterminators Phthalates: found in skin care, shampoo and other personal care products, choose unscented products and those that contain less ingredients, more about Phthalets